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I'm an ex-Capt. (NDA-IMA)...left the army because of an accident (lost right shoulder and of course, the rest of it) hold of life...became a leftie...started driving and writing with left...took CAT & GMAT...joined and left ISB after 20 golden days...joined IIM Ahmedabad from there...PGP 2007 - 2009...currently in Hyderabad... Well, Life is iffy !!

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Operation Welcome: "Newlywed Lady wife"

Well...Somehow this entire post vanished into thin air...Wonky !!!
"The Operation-Newly wed Lady Wife"...So am putting it in black and white again... :) Here goes...

In the Army, wives of officers are treated with great respect, so much so that you would find very senior officers calling wives of young lieutenants as "Maam"....The entry into the folds of Army of a Lady from a non Army background is really dramatic....In my tenure in Tenga valley (AP, near Tawang), we had a newly maried North-east couple...... Maam didn't know Sir before mrg.....they'd been married for around 25 odd days. I, being the most efficient :) youngster was entrusted with the welcome plan...Here are the excerpts...

Actors: Myself as sahayak (helper), another lady officer (Now mentioned as LO)as Dhobin (washerwoman)
Required: acting skills (not much), a love letter drafted by me (from a girl), timing and luck !!
Self- wearing white PT shoes and a jawan's working dress.

Modus Operandi:

1000hrs: Told by my senior officer to chalk out a plan
1200hrs: Liaison with the LO....brief outline
1330hrs: Sir n maam arrive...Sir is requested to get down at the gate and meet the commanding officer while maam is escorted to the Officers Mess, to their accomodation where I am waiting.

Shock 1:
1400hrs: I receive her and start settling the luggage. While clearing some documents, I inadvertently come across a "Letter" it and slyly (but in full view of maam), try to keep it in....(Converting the conversation to English...)
Maam: What is tht bhaiya? (A helper is called a "bhaiya" by n offr's wife)
Me: Memsaab, Nothing !! (try to deliberately hide it)
Maam: Show it to me
Me (takes it over 2 her reluctantly)
She reads it n GOSH !! Itz a letter from Sir's Girlfriend saying that she still misses the beautiful time they've spent together and words to that effect....dumbfounded!!

Shock 2:
1440hrs: In comes the dhobin (LO) with Sir's old clothes...she takes them out one by one (actually mine n LO's)...a combat shirt..white shirt..trouser...Oops !! a salwaar-suit
Maam: Whose is this ? (Shocked)
LO: How do I know?
Me: Memsaab, some of sir's friends used to come over, might be of one of them
(with a serious face !!)
Maam, (Shocked...chinki eyes wide open...whatz happening here ??)
goes n sits outside...

1530hrs: Maam is still waiting outside while i stand next to her awaiting orders...
Maam: You don't look like a helper (Ohhh...dude say something stupid)...till where have u studied?
Me: Memsaab...till 8th
Maam: Where is he ? (The officer)
Me: Memsaab, he had a lot of good friends here (achhi dost thii), might have gone to meet them.

I'm feeling seen in the pic above, all the rooms were on a downward room was the one immediately below sir's...the last one (in d pic), made up n excuse...
Me: Maam I'll be working in this officer's room, call me if u need anything

Shock 3: 1700hrs: I come out..Maam is still sitting the same state of shock...couple of days into d colours coming out ...Lolzzz
The LO's room was above sir's n she had to go to office in the evening..she came out n rushed down the road....
Maam: Isn't she the dhobin who had come?
Me: (with a gulp n a sly smile) Yes Memsaab, she is "known" to that officer :) :)
I could see the shock on her was 1800hrs.... her husband was no where....goodness what was going on there...... there was no mobile communication in that hilly area....couldn't call up home...just waiting....

Shock 4:
1830hrs: Message conveyed to her that the First lady (Commanding officer's wife) would be taking her interview and she has to be in combat dress (Never happened...Ever !!)
Well, she was given sir's combat dress, ranks (appellates) and sent for the interview
1930hrs: First lady asks so many questions about her knowledge about the Army that Maam breaks up n starts crying !! Operation called off with immediate effect!!

Then maam was told about the entire prank....was escorted by other officers to her room where sir was waiting...She couldn't believe it till she actually saw myself and the Lady officer arriving in the formal dress for the party. She was like: "I told you na, you didn't look like a sahayak". Maam treasured that "love letter" and showed it to me whenever we met....

Pleasent memories galore...

ciao ppl
ciao life

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good Ol' Iffy life...

Rewinding my life by three years, same date, same time....I’ve just come back from evening classes in the Faculty of Instruments training, EME School Baroda...have given a presentation on ‘Time management’ in the morning...doing well professionally, doing well in the course, enjoying the life in Army, enjoying life!! ....

4.5 hours from now, am gonna have an accident that’s gonna turn the tide by 180 degrees...gonna take me off the planet for a minute n bring me back....Have no idea whatsoever... I keep saying, “Life is Iffy”....guess what!! Life is Iffy....One year down the line I was confused about the future, 2 yrs down the line I was going to ISB, and 3rd year, here I am....

Just a casual thought that came back today to commemorate d accdnt anniversary....Today I’ve turned "3"....My second B'day....Lolzzzz....

Ciao ppl !!

Ciao Life !!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Expectations in life...Indifference

While doing probabilities in the Quantitative methods subject here, came across a realization which I could prove using conditional probability. In life (in general) and in all our relationships, be it between siblings, friends, peers, lovers, relatives or anybody; expectation from the other person plays a big role, which at times becomes the cause of disappointment. You go-do something out-of-the-way for a close friend, when time comes he/she doesn’t reciprocate, you feel bad…..You have feelings for someone and show it, doesn’t get reciprocated, you feel bad….you work hard for an assignment and expect cooperation from your peers….don’t get it… don’t get a good result either, feel bad….You help out a stranger in a difficult situation and when you need help from another stranger in another situation, no one comes forward---feel bad….

My point is, we should NOT...NEVER EXPECT. Sometimes you help someone and expect at least a courtesy 'thanks'…when you don’t get that (maybe because the person forgot or not used to saying it), you feel bad….don’t do so…welcome it but don’t expect a ‘Thanks’ shouldn't matter. You love your GF (/BF) unconditionally with all your heart and expect the same from her (/him), many a times that doesn’t happen….don’t do that you’re the one who’s getting hurt. Herez my calculation that by assigning more weightage to "Not expecting" from other ppl, you improve your “Happy:Unhappy” (probability)ratio from 1:1 to 2:1 (Click the diagram on top left for proof). Life is very small and Life is very iffy, as I keep saying.... doesn’t make sense in feeling bad n waste even a second in doing so when you can avoid it. So people, stay happy-be wise-do what you are doing-but do NOT indifferent...

ciao ppl...
ciao life...