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Thursday, June 21, 2007

NDTV/CNN: Fame Galore!!

Had my first TV interview today…After the tryst with quietus comes the tryst with media!!
In the afternoon, at around 1230hrs, collected few of the preppies for the shot in the class. NDTV, CNN IBN, Zee and a few other correspondents had come to cover the story…tht was followed by my intvw,n a statement from Amol, my batchmate.
Felt great to be d part of a TV shoot, actually the cynosure!! Though CNN twisted the accident part of the story a bit,it came off well…All in all, past two days were ripping…firstly seeing self on the front page of TOI, followed by seeing self on the News at the Prime time slot...

Took the chance to acknowledge the fact that I had to uphold the image of NDA wherever I go, so it had to be either IIM A or ISB. Must say, the channels did a good job and except for minor flaws here and there, the show came off just fine!!

NDTV video:

 Herez d commentary of CNN IBN:(No link for the video)

Times of India

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