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Friday, January 26, 2007

Wht should I join IIM'A or ISB

@Everybody, I’ve added a couple of points in this post (as on 14 May 08) according to the present situation since many people still visit this link…ATB to all of you…

> I’m in a lovely dilemma for the past few days, something for which I worked my fingers to the bone. Already paid 1.5 lakh for confirming the seat at the ISB. Got the interview of IIM’A on 22Mar…GD n PI are no big deal, If I decide to
> Thinking of the upsides and downsides of both gives me headache!! Though I have weighed my options, I feel both are at par…
Here r a few pointers:


-Better reputation in d cntry vis-à-vis ISB
-2 yrs will give enough time 2 make the foundation strong
(especially with my Army background)-Summer placements....will give me a taste of C world before the placement process
-Will come with 4yrs of exp (approx)
-Will have the army experience, NDA background behind me
-Cheaper than ISB by Rs 10lakh/-[Update-This point might not be very valid now (as of 2011) since the difference has come down to ~ Rs 6 lakh]
-Better alumni footprint in d cntry
-Placement almost …no need to say anything on that :)

-A good, thoroughly studious environment vis-à-vis 5 star culture of ISB [thtz the way I want to live life :) ]
-Loose out on one year of job where the additional Rs 10lakh [Update-Now ~Rs 6 lakh] can highly b taken care of
-Peer level quality in terms of experience & work profile is comparatively a tad lower than that at ISB for obvious reasons [Update-This has also changed over the years and A has a considerable strength of people with Work Ex]

ISB+ve:- Peer level of highest quality, ppl with diverse profiles, work ex etc.
- Spiffing Faculty... prof coming from Wharton, etc.
- 5 star style...right on with my funda of "Live life while u're still alive"
- One year gets saved, especially after putting in a bit of service
- Good repute in n outside India, combined
- Good average package vis-à-vis IIM’A

- Not bound by Government regulations....
- Think on d personal front after an year.... :)
-ve:- Chances of getting a better profile in IIM A....I’ll b one of d crowd at ISB, with ppl havin exp in d corporate world, foreign assignments et al
- Companies might not know d use of luring someone with my profile coz they’ve nt seen my work out of d army…Nt the case at IIM’A coz I'll go for the summer placements b4 the actual one...
- Can manage finances for IIM easily…Rs 5lakh/- [Update- Now ~ Rs 12 lakh] for ISB [Might not be very relevant now]
- Too short a period for ppl like me who r neophytes as far as corporate world is concerned…2yrs at IIM A may make more sense in this case....

Disclaimer: Both the programmes are different per se and cannot actually be compared. These points have been considered according to my priorities in life and as per my requirements, and have no bearing on the status of the respective institutions...Love 'em both!! Also the decision parameters and way of looking at this would be different for every individual. FYI pls!