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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What is your differentiator??

I found myself asking this question today (what is your differentiator), when I looked at the mirror. Well, a full length mirror always induces the question of- "dude...what happened?" but this wasn't one of those days. Anyway, that's a different thought chain altogether. Many of us might have come across this question- in interviews, competitions, business (from a company's USP perspective) and other spheres of life. As I dwelled on it, the mental discussion became interesting. The initial 'differentiators' that came up, were all tangible ones - data points one puts on a CV. However, my mind then started questioning on every line item one by one- "how many people do you know that can do that or have done that?" Well, not surprisingly enough, I knew hundreds of people (at least thru social media if not personally) on every point.

So, there I was, back to construal mode.

I realized that well, my differentiator wasn't A, B, or R, but how I've used A, B and R to become 9. It's not that no one else can do the same and get A + B + R to become 9, people can. What matters then and what makes me different is- as a 9, how I've impacted events/people/organizations (positively of course), or how (and if) I've enabled others to get to the A, B, or R (the greater good). The quick takeaway- our differentiators are not the historical data points from events in the past (achievements), but how and what we have done with them to get to where/who we are. Potentially, also how we intend to use that to get where we want to go.

Leaving everyone with a thought- I have my answer and will keep building on it further, do you have yours?

P.S: BTW, my 9 is not out of 10 :), it's just a number amongst the many others.

Ciao ppl !
Ciao life !