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Friday, August 17, 2007

Assumption and interpretation:

Over time, I’ve observed and now learnt in black n white at IIM A- How much assumptions and interpretations can change the total case scenario. It is a natural human tendency – “Given a situation- what might have happened, You assume what you want to assume”. Taking my own example I didn’t have factual knowledge of what actually happened when the break-up n the unfortunate events thereafter happened.

As people were giving opinions, I was drawing a picture of what must have happened. Assuming Ms. D to be totally at fault, the picture was quite bad…I assumed it to be bad because she had acted that way.

After a month or so, I started rationalizing…had forgotten the incident…busy with studies….assumed that there must be some logical reason behind her action of betrayal…when she called up after 4 months to tell the truth….assumed her to be speaking the truth because that’s what I wanted to assume… Agreed to b a good friend to her…It turned out, the “Lady” had lied again….Anywayz….

My point is, given an incident esp. in which we judge a person, we mustn’t jump to conclusions immediately….Itz imp 2 undrstnd that our interpretation of the incident might be based on what we want to believe at that very moment….a matter of perception….varies !!

The mind is a wonky person…It/he chooses that route for interpretation that is most favourable to it…If you have feelings for someone and he/she says...."Lets go for a long ride....."

People W A T C H O U T !! It may/may not mean....

Plz remember- We assume what we wanna assume !!

----Issued in public interest !!

Ciao ppl

Ciao Life !!