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I'm an ex-Capt. (NDA-IMA)...left the army because of an accident (lost right shoulder and of course, the rest of it) hold of life...became a leftie...started driving and writing with left...took CAT & GMAT...joined and left ISB after 20 golden days...joined IIM Ahmedabad from there...PGP 2007 - 2009...currently in Hyderabad... Well, Life is iffy !!

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  • Stretch out your limits once a while...lest you lose your elasticity... (recent offhand thought)
  • It's better to burn out, than fade away (Neil Young)
  • This too shall pass...
  • Shit happens...Life Goes on... (adapted from Forrest Gump)
  • Don't be sad, it's glad, it happened !!
  • He Knows not his own strength, who hath not met adversity - Ben Johnson
  • Do whteva you want...Don't get caught !! (NDA)
  • Rules are like rulers...some can be bent, others can be broken :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

First talk in the C’ world

Gave my first formal talk in the corporate world on invitation 2 days back....on values ingrained from the forces and the mapping into this world. Again, I name no names..…it was a well known company….. got to hear about my story from one of my friends at PG. Was a great experience, sharing my 2 cents on what should ideally be the scenario n how things can be worked upon…..Hope I added some value to my audience in whatever small way it was.

First experience of life out of Army (summer internship) is going on really fine…guess it’s as good as the one I had (d army life that is)…. Maybe not the same as wearing the uniform and commanding respect; but to the same effect, in a different way….Another month, and then back to Ahmedabad for the 2nd year....Feels great to know that people know me better as "rajat_nda" :) :)...lolzzz

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