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Friday, December 22, 2017

The Power of "Like attracts Like"

What if I tell you that things can change—for better? Things might be just fine for you—right now—as you read, but what if things could be better tomorrow as well? And, an year down the line? 
So, I’m writing this post today because well honestly, I do have a personal agenda—the desire to share my thought process, story, and understanding of life, and make an impact in somebody else's life. Why today? Because, December 22nd marks the 13th anniversary of my accident and technically a birthday in a way. 

Now, the idea put simply is, "Like attracts Like." Eureka moment? What a discovery? Nah, I agree, not really. But here's the thing—if you want positive outcomes in life, your environment has to be conducive for these outcomes. It's proven both by two distinct branches of science—Neuroscience (conditioning of mind, affirmations) and Pseudoscience (law of attraction). 

We all know that the law of gravity exists, whether you believe it or not. You take one step forward from the edge of a 10m board in swimming pool, you will fall down. Just like that, law of attraction exists, whether you believe it or not. 

Imagine for a moment, humor me, imagine that a Mr. Sid is having a conversation with "Life" (feel free to read "Sid" as "You"….only if you want). 
Sid: "Hey Life, I need a jar full of 100 beautiful red colored balls with a + sign." 
Life: "Sure,why not Sid, here's a gift wrapped jar full of 100 balls. You're free to do what you want with the balls in your jar." 
Sid removes the packaging happily and opens it up. It turns out that the jar is full of + sign red balls, and - sign black balls. He turns towards Life with a frown. 
Sid: "Life! I wanted 100 + sign red balls in my jar. Can I have more + sign red balls?" 
Life: "Sure, why not, here's a shower of 1000s of + sign red balls. You're free to do what you want with the balls in your jar." 
Precisely as Life said, there's a huge shower of + sign red balls over the jar. They're so many that the entire jar is covered in the pile of red balls. Sid happily fishes for the jar, picks it and looks inside. The frown is back. 
Sid: "Life! I made it clear that I want + sign red balls in my jar. This jar still has the same amount of + red and – black balls as before. Give me more please." 
Life: "Sure, why not, I have no shortage of + sign red balls. Here's another shower of 1000 for you. Remember, you're free to do what you want with the balls in your jar." 
Yes, the same thing happens and Sid is distraught. After 100 more tries there's no result and Life keeps saying the same thing. Not able to fathom why he can't have more + sign red balls, he seeks advice from a learned saint. 
The sagely saint says calmly with deep breath and a knowing smile, "Sid....dude, you're free to do what you want with the balls in your jar. Remove all the – sign black ones and make space for the + sign red ones. Simple?" 

I'll stop at that; let's come out of this conversation. If we want good things to happen and positive outcomes to materialize, we have to minimize all the negative thoughts, uncertain doubts and negative vibes.  

Safely assuming evolution to be a continuous improvement model, it's a reasonable conclusion that there's an unlimited supply of positive energy flowing across the universe. It's there when you wake up, there when you take a walk and there when you go to sleep. Like air, it's just there. If you keep living with a jar full of x% of + and y% of – sign balls, and keep cursing fate, luck and what not, for not letting you have more +ve, guess what—"you are free to do what you want with the balls in your jar".  
Make space. 

So, what does it mean to you? What change can you bring practically? Does it mean one should never have -ve thoughts? No. 
What this means is that we need to modify our thinking to be more hopeful, more positive, look at the brighter side, remove that frown, put on more smiles, express more gratitude and words to that effect.  
Does this guarantee success + happiness? No! 
Does this channel you towards the right path for success + happiness? Sure, why not! 

In your own time, I'd suggest you to read further into the law of attraction and the abundance principle. For the pro-factual science folks, read about how conditioning and positive affirmations can change you as an individual. 
Good things are waiting to happen, only awaiting a conducive environment for them to happen. Open the jar >> remove the  sign balls >>  make space for more + sign balls >> then seek and thy shall receive. 

Ciao life !! 
Ciao ppl !!