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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stuck on first page, second chapter- My Book

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and seems like I’m saying this way too often. But then that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I started penning down the structure of ‘My book’ quite some time back and the post on Facebook stating – ‘completed the first chapter of my book’, came up three months back. I guess I’ve mentioned it earlier that the book is based on my life’s sine curve itself; hopefully more interesting than that though ;). It’s designed on a story model- present tense majorly. The plan is there, thoughts are there, key points are there and characters are there. What is messing it up is- ‘Lack of Time’ and the good old ‘external influencers’. Figuratively speaking I have a bow and set of 7 arrows laid out. I shot the first one few months back, but the target kept shifting and the wind kept on moving it haywire; finally letting the target hit head-on three months back. Two weeks back I shot the second arrow, but this time the external influences are way stronger; there are too many distracters.

But then again if there are additional distracters in life that keep moving our arrows away from the target, we also have arrows enabled with boosters now (and let’s not talk about guided missiles). The major distracters are of course the big issues and obligations; ‘job’, ‘personal problems’ being just one of those. If this is not distracting enough, there are all these minor distractions- some good, some bad. Yesterday I tweeted my first tweet and linked the twitter account to my Galaxy S android 2.2 phone, blackberry phone, Linkedin profile, FB profile and Yahoo. I mean, how many different ways does one need to be connected; funny Huh !

Anyway, it’s on me to make sure that the boosters are sent out to my second arrow at the right time and right place. It might pass through the pressure of an underwater current at times, but the aim is to hit the target as soon as possible. Wishing luck to myself...

Ciao ppl !! Ciao life !!