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I'm an ex-Capt. (NDA-IMA)...left the army because of an accident (lost right shoulder and of course, the rest of it) hold of life...became a leftie...started driving and writing with left...took CAT & GMAT...joined and left ISB after 20 golden days...joined IIM Ahmedabad from there...PGP 2007 - 2009...currently in Hyderabad... Well, Life is iffy !!


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  • Stretch out your limits once a while...lest you lose your elasticity... (recent offhand thought)
  • It's better to burn out, than fade away (Neil Young)
  • This too shall pass...
  • Shit happens...Life Goes on... (adapted from Forrest Gump)
  • Don't be sad, it's glad, it happened !!
  • He Knows not his own strength, who hath not met adversity - Ben Johnson
  • Do whteva you want...Don't get caught !! (NDA)
  • Rules are like rulers...some can be bent, others can be broken :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

The 'equation' of life

Mulled over a new realisation this weekend. While lying down at d beach and looking at the open sky...with the stars on that moon-lit night, and while looking at the exquisite figurine of clouds below me on d flight back to IIM'A...

There was this feeling of- there is so much that I've not seen of life.The ambit of Life is intagible..there are so many facets-unseen, so many things-not done till now. At times, the morale goes down, due to whatsoever reasons...n we do feel tht life sucks!! But I guess in the quadratic equation of life, 'Life' per se is 'constant' and how we deal with it, is the 'variable' factor in it...Whether v put +ve or -ve value in these variables is upto r'self!!

V just can NOT let one odd setback let d attitude go wonky, I guess thtz what they mean when oldies say- "You need a change of climate", n newbies say- "Get a life dude!!"..essentially, wht they're saying is...therz so much to do in life, Go after it...not away from it!!

Trying to understand "Life"!!