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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A cute little princess has arrived....

It’s a great…
It’s a great feeling…
It’s a great feeling to be…
It’s a great feeling to be a Dad…

It sure feels great to be a Dad and I thank God for bringing our darling princess into this world on 02-01-2012. The feeling that the two of us and everyone around here have, can’t really be described in words. Yeah well nevertheless, this is the first blog post about herJ. Life’s changing for good, lot of responsibilities, lot of dreams, lot of sleepless nights (more so for the mom of course), lot of sweet smiles, looks of absolute surprise, and lot of cries. After considerable amount of discussions we've decided upon her name- Rishika.

We thank everyone for all the blessings and best wishes. Here’s to you, our precious, the first few words dedicated to you:

The moment you came into being on January the second,
The life changing milestone, struck a conspicuous melodious note;
From then you’ve been the cynosure every minute every second,
There’s none beautiful than thou our baby, ‘The One’ we’ll always dote.

There was a gust of adrenalin rush in our body aplenty,  
The first time you looked straight at us, with those beauteous eyes;
The first smile you ever smiled inadvertently,
Was like a thousand rainbows splashing across the sweet blue skies.

Rishika, thine is this life to live to the fullest,
May you flow like musical notes off a humming guitar;
May you soar high in the sky, through Life’s troughs and crests,
And have the sheen of the shiniest star.
-          -  God bless you