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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Operation Cake Attack @ IIM'A

Prep course is going on juz fine…trying to enjoy in anticipation of what is about to come…the senior batch has joined, as of yesterday…Good lot!! Yet to interact with most of 'em
Ystrday we celebrated the 2nd b’day of d batch…there was a tiny incident which deserves this entry….

1200hrs: The normal tradition of putting cake over d B’day boy was followed, followed by the B’day bumps and kicks…One of my batchmates, aka Teja was a tad too interested in the ‘putting cake’ part n the kicking part…lolzzz…soon there were cake pieces coming on to the faces of almost all and sundry…big mess!!

1230hrs: Finally someone realized tht he was all clean n dry, so there began a chase with d (now) victim running at top speed in d dorm garden…finally he escaped...didn't go to his room though, anticipating the next move of ppl...

0130hrs: The remaining guys n gals had formulated a plan to do the needful n the plan was initiated…

0200hrs: One of the supposed trustable fellow in d class (Sirpy aka Chimp) called him up n asked him 2 come to his room for d movie they had planned 2 see previously (telgu)…the gals also seconded, n he was convinced tht everything was over….

0215hrs: He started walking to Sirpy’s room, all washed,clean n dried up,new clothes,et al... oblivious to what lied ahead…n in army terms, Lo n behold!!…it was a perfect Ambush!! An attack with cake in hand from all directions…All in good spirit of course, Great fun though!!…at least for the Ambush

For the WIMWIans, the details 've been posted by Akanksha at the IIMA09-blog here.

Witnessing the fun part of being at IIM'A, coz soon there ain't be no time for ne!! Lolzzz


Unknown said...

cant believe IIM guys have so much fun

Rajat said...

Yup...but then again, the term hasn't started, so ppl r using their mind 2 conjure up all this stuff!!