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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Only 18% of events in Life are predestined

Before getting into the source and methodology of the study, let me bring up the 18% theory.  “Only major milestones in life are predestined, rest is all defined by the choices we make, path we take and words to that effect”. According to this research, only 18% of the events in life (major + minor), which are within the subset of “major events”, are predetermined/predestined. One can feel happy about the ‘good’ major events in this 18%, but for the ‘bad’ ones there’s no sense in fretting over it, since it was bound to happen anyway. This theory is based on a strong internal locus of control on the happenings in life. So, most of what happens in our lives, is basically a sum-product of choices that ‘we’ make.

Now, this research that came to the conclusion of the magic number – 18% was done by an entity called “”. Yeah, it’s not a statistically validated number, but something that hits the mind faster (vis-à-vis ‘small’, ‘less’, etc.). The theory is basically a combination of ‘free will’ and destiny, both subject to endless debates (that end inconclusively). 

Let me take my own example. I strongly believe that ‘the accident’ was inevitable- perhaps it would have happened differently in a many-universes interpretation (quantum mechanics), but it was bound to happen. So I do not go into the “what-if” mode, with a sad look on the face every now and then. However, everything that happened after that was a factor of conscious choices that I had made.

Everything cannot be predestined, since that removes the human experience (and choice) entirely out of the equation, and everything would be programmed by the one above. Everything can’t be up to ‘free will’, since that makes the equation very unstable (with only variables), and people will then go into an endless loop of the “What-if” syndrome.  

We always have a choice- the choice to do what is right (disclaimer-definition of ‘right’ is subjective). Events in life are essentially the sum of these choices that we make. In hindsight, we might realize that some of these choices weren’t really choices, and that thing was predestined; but that’s a small number. So that’s that on the topic. Yes, some milestones in life are predestined and already carved into the road, but it’s up to you to ensure that the road ‘as such’ continues to remain smooth and not patchy, through the journey.

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Anonymous said...

'Never give in', is a motto i learnt in school .....but got the literal meaning today. I'm so much inspired and could relate to your life as an army officers kid. I wish and hope to meet you once in this lifetime.
May God bless you always and everywhere.
Dr Richa Chibh

Robin calm as buddha said...

Hi sir ..I m an xnda...may I know how we're u during academy days ..what was ur mentality at that point of time

Rajat said...

@Robin Singh, good to read this. Well, being an ExNda, you already know how my mentality was. Nevertheless, feel free to connect. I'm publishing my mail ID on this blog.